Penguins visit to Applegarth Beach 9.6.21

Penguins were thrilled to day when they visited Applegarth Beach.  They experienced beach volleyball, sandcastle building, shell art, surfing, taking a boat trip from the harbour and even getting splashed by some really big waves!  Some children used the photobooth to have a photo taken to remember the visit and some wrote postcards home.  We all enjoyed  an ice lolly to cool down as it was rather hot!.  We hope you enjoy the photos that were taken during the visit.

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on “Penguins visit to Applegarth Beach 9.6.21
One Comment on “Penguins visit to Applegarth Beach 9.6.21
  1. What a lovely day out at the beach! You had so many fantastic activities and learning opportunities. I know how much the pupils had been looking forward to this day and it was lovely to hear all the positive comments at the end of the day.

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