Dress up as a hero for the day

Our topic this term is ‘Heroes’ where we are focussing on everyday heroes who help us. We have had a discussion about who helps us and how they help us. We came up with lots of different answers.

‘Doctors are important because they help us by making us better when we are poorly.’

‘The ambulance people are really important because they drive really fast to get us to the hospital.’

‘I think vets are important because they make animals better.’

‘Farmers are important because they grow the food and look after the animals  that we eat and without farmers we would go hungry.’

‘Sniffer dogs are important to find people who are lost.’

‘Guide dogs helps those people who are blind.’

We have enjoyed dressing up and we appreciate all of the effort parent/carers went into providing wonderful outfits for the day.

Here is a list of our heroes:

Blood donor, mountain rescuer, paramedic, midwife, soldier, guide dog, police, nurse, doctors, vets, firefighter, builder, farmer, mechanic, pilot, knight, astronaut, footballer, a mummy and a wonderful teaching assistant!



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  1. There were some fantastic ideas. A guide dog is such a creative idea and completely relevant. It was wonderful speaking to children who had drawn on their parents and carers for inspiration too.

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