Sacred Buildings

Last half term, our children were learning about sacred buildings.  The children found out about a range of religious places and pilgrimages, including Kumbh Mela and Hajj.  As well as having an opportunity to look around All Saints Church and reflect on what makes it a sacred place to Christians, all pupils in Year 3/4 joined to speak to Rohit Sood, a teacher in India.  Rohit kindly gave the children a tour of  Mangal Dham Mandir, situated in a Himalayan town called Kalimpong.  Via a web cam, the children were shown the different spaces for prayer and the objects in the temple that Hindus view as sacred.  Rohit and his friend then answered questions about their own beliefs and values.

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on “Sacred Buildings
One Comment on “Sacred Buildings
  1. It was fabulous to join the children in their live web link. They showed resilience when the technology struggled inside the building. They learnt so much after researching in books and in line and then having their own personal tour.
    Thank you Rohit!

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