Year 5/6 Careers Week

We we have been learning about a wide range of careers this week


Mrs Bruton told us about her role as a psychotherapist.  You need to like people and be a great listener to do this job! There is no one qualification required to be able to do this job. A psychotherapist can be self employed which can be exciting to choose when you work. She needs to be able to manage finances using spreadsheets to help. Mrs Bruton enjoys her job for many reasons but mainly because she enjoys meeting people.

DA asked, ‘what age are the clients you see?’

KH asked, ‘How long did it take you to do what you do?’

Mrs Hansen spoke to the children about being a solicitor. She told them how she had been very interested in law when she was younger and decided that she wanted a career in law. Mrs Hansen said that she enjoyed her job because she could help people.



Mr Barnbrook came to speak to the children about being in the Army. He explained a little bit about the different roles there are to do within the army. He told the children that he went to college and then went to university and joined the army as a part time army  after university he went to Sandhurst for a year and then went straight into the army and aged 21 was in charge of 30 soldiers. His first deployment was Northern Ireland.

Mr Barnbrook explained other jobs within the army and how this linked with the uniform he and others have. He talked about having to be away from home either on tour or for training.

MR asked, ‘Why do you wear camouflage?’

JH asked, ‘Have you ever been to fight?’

JWM asked, ‘What kind of training have you had?’



Children enjoyed a Careers Fair this morning. They asked questions and listened carefully to have conversations with professionals in our community.



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  1. I agree- such a fantastic opportunity to learn about how many fascinating careers are out there. Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Jackson have had feedback from the visitors acknowledging the excellent behaviour and engagement of the Year 5 and 6 children which is always lovely to hear.

  2. A big thank you to everyone involved. We received so many comments about the children’s questions to our visitors. There was a wide range of careers presented with different routes to the careers shared with the children.

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