Year 2 visit to Fountains Abbey

Our visit to Fountains Abbey was excellent. The children learned about how the Abbey was founded, who the monks were and about a day in the life of a monk.ย  The children were excited to learn that they were to dress as monks for the morning and this really helped them to listen carefully, ask pertinent questions and gain the most from the visit that they could.ย  Sleeping, eating, praying and bathing were all covered and the recounts the children wrote when they returned to school showed how much they had listened to our guides and what a super visit it had been.ย  Thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen.

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on “Year 2 visit to Fountains Abbey
One Comment on “Year 2 visit to Fountains Abbey
  1. I was lucky enough to accompany both year groups on their visits to Fountains Abbey and was absolutely delighted with their attitude to learning, enthusiasm, listening skills and general behaviour. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the days with them and I know they learnt lots (as did I!)

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