Y3/4 learn about dental hygiene

Mrs Chisholm, one of our parents, visited Bell, Galileo and Darwin classes to talk to us about dental hygiene and the different types of teeth that we have as children and adults. We looked at real rotten teeth that had holes in and learnt how to brush our teeth properly. X-Rays were examined too. Ugh! We all will be going home to brush our teeth in circular motions for at least two minutes…!

Thank you to Comfort Dentists of Northallerton for spending time with us.


on “Y3/4 learn about dental hygiene
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  1. Thank you for supporting us in both our Science and PSHE education helping our children.

    You are helping the pupils to stay safe and healthy.

    I know the children in all classes really enjoyed the sessions and learnt SO much.

  2. Amelie has never brushed her teeth as well as she did last night following this talk! Thank you SO much for organising it, she has finally realised why I have been banging on about the importance of teeth brushing for the past seven years!!!!!

  3. We only get one chance with our first set and one with our second set of teeth. If we don’t look after them we risk losing them!

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