Bushcraft After School Club 19.01.2022 🔥

Pupils from Year 5 and 6 made improvised shelters with branches and tarps. They were introduced to a range of knots, made fire pits and used flints and steels to start a fire (which they boiled their kettle on for hot chocolate!).


on “Bushcraft After School Club 19.01.2022 🔥
2 Comments on “Bushcraft After School Club 19.01.2022 🔥
  1. I’m sure they would have slept on the field overnight if they could! There was some valuable skills being learned and the children were already desperate to start on next week’s activities…

  2. It was fabulous to see the teamwork being used in this week’s Bushcraft session. I know from talking to the children just how excited they are to be able to take part in these sessions. ⛺️

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