Y3/4 link to a school in Toulouse, France! 🇫🇷

Children in Year 3/4 were SO excited to learn that children in a primary school in Toulouse, France would be writing to them (in English) before Christmas and decided to write letters back (in French), wishing them ‘Happy New Year’! Children used greetings that they knew already and the names of sports to include in their letters, telling the children in France what they liked and what they would like to do more of in 2022.
Letters from the French children were given out and our Applegarth children were able to choose their favourite to take home and cherish. We decided that the writing was so beautiful but a little tricky to read!
We heard that the French children were as excited as us to receive their letters and enjoyed reading them out to each other in class too!
It is planned that more letters will be written by children to describe our traditions surrounding Pancake Day next month and Easter cards will be exchanged too!
Well done to ALL the children, both in Toulouse and in Northallerton (which was apparently VERY tricky to pronounce!), who took such pride in their work.

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on “Y3/4 link to a school in Toulouse, France! 🇫🇷
One Comment on “Y3/4 link to a school in Toulouse, France! 🇫🇷
  1. What a wonderful opportunity for our pupils! They look so engaged with the postcards. I can’t wait to meet Didier (Headteacher) and test out my French skills…

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