Debating Club 1.11.2021

We had our first after school debating club tonight with some of our year 5’s and 6’s. Our topic this week was ‘should children have to wear school uniform?’. After a very good debate, with excellent arguments from both teams, the for school uniform team won. This blog will be updated each week with how our debating club progresses.



Today I’m debating club we looked at the for and against argument for deforestation. We each had a role that we had to find out information about and use that in our debate. Even after one week our debating skills are getting much stronger and we are thinking about ways that we can counter each other’s arguments.


Another week of debating club and we are getting more members each time we meet! This week, we discussed whether there should be a roll out of COVID-19 vaccination passports. The teams really thought about the way they were delivering their debate and how they could expand their points to make their argument even stronger. Please enjoy watching an example of how we debate.

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