Year 3/4 are now part of the Roman army!

As part of their learning about Romans, Celts and the invasions of Britannia, Year 3/4 visited Murton Park near York, where they became Romans for the day!

Upon their arrival, the children formed their own legions and were taught marching drill, how to address the Centurion and became familiar with the layout of their very own Roman fort for the day. Respectful and persuasive letters, that had been written earlier in the term, were presented to the Centurion for consideration and some children were praised individually on their language and how their letters had shown that they were indeed ready for their new Roman life!

These new recruits then scribed in Latin and made oil lamps with clay, learning how the Celts and Romans both used these in their homes. The afternoon took the form of weapons training, with spear accuracy practice (throwing their spears at images of Celts, of course!) and how to attack an enemy, using a wooden shield (scutum) and a wooden sword.

At the end of the day, an enraged Celt needed to be seen off as the recruits formed a ‘tortoise’ and marched in orderly lines, learning how the Romans won many battles through their strict regime and adherence to following orders.

What a wonderful day, where such a lot was learnt through first-hand experiences. An added bonus was payment of the recruits at the end of the day in the form of a Roman coin, given out to treasure. What an incredible day!



on “Year 3/4 are now part of the Roman army!
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  1. What a fantastic visit! The children were still talking about it on Friday. Their behaviour and enthusiasm whils they were out of school was exemplary. They did themselves and the school proud.

  2. Thanks so much for taking them – this topic has been a real hit, and has really engaged the children. Great to see the return of school trips, too!

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