We’re all counting in Census week!

To recognise the importance of the census, locally and nationally, Applegarth children of all ages had a wonderful week, counting and recording, researching and questioning.

We learnt that the census took place every ten years (although missed 1941 because of the war) and why it was important for everyone to fill it in correctly. We could see how households changed over time: the employment that the adults were engaged in, the types of houses they lived in and even how they commuted to work!
Reception children completed their own census, asking about favourite colours and completing a chart to show their results, while Year 1/2 made their own human chart in rows so that they could be counted easily!
Year 3/4 children researched the different jobs that people did over time and that employment recorded in the 1851 census included a knocker upper, chimney sweep and a lamplighter! We compared these to jobs of today and realised we were very lucky!
Year 5/6 looked at how equality in gender and race was represented and researched the household of Queen Victoria, using original census documents and primary sources to support their questioning.
We all had a wonderful week and made sure we talked about our learning at home!

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