Beautiful Beamish

We had such a brilliant time learning about what life was like in WW2 and earlier. Our evacuee experience gave us the opportunity to imagine what it would be like for a child to be evacuated to a farm. We sat in an Anderson Shelter, made carrot cookies, prepared the house blackout, had army training, rode on a bus and most importantly practised the art of chivalry!

In the town we visited the dentist, the co-op, the sweatshop (watching sweets being made), the livery stables, the bank, the bakery, the photographer’s and the chemist.

We also visited the colliery village. Looking at the miner’s cottages, the church and the school.

It was a busy day and we have loads left to go see. We’re hoping our families will take us one weekend or in the holidays.

Thank you to all the parents who came with us. It was much appreciated.





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on “Beautiful Beamish
One Comment on “Beautiful Beamish

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