Kirsty the nurse visited Bees

We have had another hero visit us this afternoon: Kirsty the nurse. She explained that most nurses work in the hospital but we can also get nurses who go out into people’s home to look after them.

We could tell she was a nurse because she was wearing a blue uniform and a badge.

Like Fiona the paramedic, Kirsty told us that she has to work in a team. She also said that she had to go to university for 3 years ands had to work hard.

Kirsty showed us her equipment. Firstly, she put her gloves on and we discussed that she needs to wear gloves so that we don’t spread our germs onto her but also so that she doesn’t spread germs to us. We used her stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure machine and some bandages and she even brought us some syringes for us to pretend to give some medicine.

Kirsty gave us some tips on how to keep healthy.

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • do lots of exercise
  • look after your teeth
  • get plenty of sleep.

Thank you Kirsty for coming to visit us and explaining your amazing job.


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