Bees have a visit from Fiona the Paramedic

We had a visit from a real life hero this afternoon: Fiona the paramedic.

She explained to us about her job and how she deals with lots of different things like car accidents, delivering babies, looking after people with breathing problems and looking after those people who have broken their leg or arm at a trampoline park. Fiona said that she looks in her special book to check on things and gives people the correct medicine.

If you are a paramedic, you sometimes have to work with the police and fire fighters and even the helicopters. It is really important to work as a team.

Fiona told us her working hours and we were very shocked that she had been working while we were asleep. She said it is very important for us to listen and work hard during school because it will help us if we want to become a paramedic.

We enjoyed trying on her helmet which was very heavy. I wonder if you can explain why Fiona needs to wear a helmet. We used some of her equipment to check our pulse and listen to our heart.

We also discussed why it is very important that when we hear the sirens, we get out of the way as quickly as possible. This is because Fiona needs to get the patient to the hospital really quickly. Watch out the next time that you hear a siren!

Thank you Fiona for coming to explain about your amazing job. 🙂

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