Y3/4 learn about food waste with Yorkshire Rotters!

Y3/4 children were treated to a visit today from Jeff and Martin from Yorkshire Rotters who talked to us about composting and recycling food. He was impressed by how any children had composting bins at home and used the one provided at school.

The visit was arranged to support our topic, ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and our learning about nutrition, how food can be used in different ways and how important it is not to waste anything that is put on our plates.

We learned how tiger worms were used to help break down waste and how it only took about two weeks in a special wormery to result in useable compost.

We were pleased to hear that only 10% of waste went into landfill sites and discussed vocabulary like methane, rotting, energy and blend.

We decided that we must recycle tin cans after learning it took up to 400 years to break down tin cans in a landfill site! Shocking!

Well done to all children who had a go on the Smoothie Bike, pedalling steadily to turn the blade in the blender that was fixed on the front! The resulting smoothie was tried and was delicious! Yum!

Several children have already Β put one on their Christmas lists!

A huge thank you to Jeff and Martin for visiting us and giving us lots of ‘food for thought’…


on “Y3/4 learn about food waste with Yorkshire Rotters!
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  1. A great idea to reinforce science work on nutrition, waste and recycling. Thanks for organising this opportunity for the Year 3/4 children.

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