Teeth, Money and Coding

In science this week the children in Year 3/4 learnt about the different types of teeth they have and how they perform different jobs.  Pupils in Nick Park class worked together to investigate whether we use different teeth to eat different foods.  They used mirrors to watch them eat whilst also recording their observations in a table.  In maths, the children have been working out the total amount of coins and notes, writing in pounds and pence and using strategies to find how much change would be given.  In Computing, pupils have been writing their own algorithms to program an animated predator to eat its prey.  They have used ‘sequencing’, ‘repetition’, various ‘events’ blocks and some have used ‘selection’ in their programs.


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on “Teeth, Money and Coding
One Comment on “Teeth, Money and Coding
  1. It is great to see the children applying their developing coding skills to reinforce their understanding of predators. I have visited the class whilst doing this work and seen children growing in confidence and using the skills taught in their ReflectEd lessons to review their learning.
    Well done everyone!

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