Science – Animals, Humans and Plants

The pupils in Years 3 and 4 have been doing lots of enquiry work since half term.  Children have enjoyed learning about food chains (sorting living things into producers, consumers and apex predators), comparing human and animal skeletons AND identifying and comparing the roots and leaves of different plants.  Investigations have also included testing whether temperature effects how quickly a celery stem transports water to its leaves (this didn’t work as effectively as we thought it might so we’ll repeat it using carnations) and exploring the conditions plants need to stay healthy.


In music we’ve been singing call-and-response songs to revise the names of different bones and using percussion instruments to create ‘skeleton’ rhythms.


on “Science – Animals, Humans and Plants
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  1. What a great way to learn all that scientific vocabulary and develop your music skills. There are also some great ‘movers’. Thank you for thinking about how best to engage the children and make learning facts enjoyable as well as providing opportunities for investigation. I have no doubt that you will all be resilient and keep trying alternatives – good luck with your next investigation.
    Remember keep working hard – don’t give up! As one of our penguin class said last week ‘keep peeking out of that learning pit and then jump right out!

  2. All the children look engrossed in what they are doing! Jacob has especially enjoyed learning about predators this term!

  3. It has been a fabulous topic. It has been great to see children bringing their own books from home to support the work.

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