Chopsticks Champions!

Oh it isn’t easy using chopsticks! But the children, without exception, have been determined to master this skill! So far we’ve tried a teacher demonstration, watched a video and followed diagrams or written instructions. It has been brilliant to see their faces light up when they have been successful in picking up an item!

A big thanks to Mrs Goodwin for supplying hundreds of pairs of chopsticks for the children to practice with. Maybe this year we’ll have a Christmas dinner with a difference and all out our new found skills to the test! Brussel sprout, anyone?!


on “Chopsticks Champions!
6 Comments on “Chopsticks Champions!
  1. I think that’s some of you might be able to coach me. I think that I know a little about How to use chopsticks but still have a lot to learn. What is my first step?

  2. What a great skill to have I was taught at University by a Japanese friend Max and I will be practicing this at home! 😁

  3. They are showing great resilience – thanks for helping at home. The children are learning about the different ways we can learn a new skill, by following instructions, watching a video and probably the best way learning from a friend!

  4. We have had a special request to eat our tea with chopsticks. We will be doing so this weekend with some lessons from our little teacher

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