ReflectEd in Year 1

ReflectEd helps children understand how they learn and how to deal with obstacles in their learning. We are all practicing a new skill, how to use chopsticks.

The children use four colours to describe their learning; red (I know nothing about this yet), yellow (I know a little but need help still), green (I am confident) and blue (I can coach).

We have talked about the journey of learning and how it is exciting to be a red and to practise our learning to become green or even blue.

Ask your child what colour they are for different skills for example, making their bed or laying the table.


on “ReflectEd in Year 1
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  1. We have been having some discussions at home around the journey of learning and B has explained the four colours and what they mean. What a fantastic way to identify the various stages of learning. We used this recently when learning to tie shoelaces. All the way from red to blue

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