Music for Life KS1

Today Sowerby Music for Life came to Applegarth school. I liked it because they played the instruments and I enjoyed them.  Annie H.

I liked the music it was very loud and some were low and some were high.  The music was about animals.  Hollie J

My favourite song was the Pirates of the Caribbean it was jolly and good. Luke B

I Liked the clarinet because it is loud and peaceful. I enjoyed dancing to the song from Little Mermaid, Under the Sea.  We danced and pretended to swim.  Lily A


on “Music for Life KS1
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  1. Well done Year 1/2! You have contributed some great reasons here as to why the Music for Life experience was so good.

  2. Thank you Mrs O’Toole for following up the Y4 performance with the opportunity for the children to talk about and explain how they felt. Providing a time to reflect on learning and develop those practices skills so necessary to young children.
    Thank you for posting our children’s views and well done to the pupils!

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