Gymnastic Champions

After the fantastic success of last weeks town gymnastic competition, from all our gymnastic from year 1-6.  The year 5/6 A team went on the next round. (GOT)

On the 30th January, a team of five girls went to represent Applegarth School at Hambleton Leisure Centre.  After competing in the vault, floor and body management we had a short wait until the medal ceremony where N.S.J came third over all and E.S came first. As the third and the second places were called out we became increasingly nervous.  When our names were called we jumped up and collected our medals and trophy. We are all very proud of our victory.  E.G.H, E.S, J.D, N.S.J and I.L.



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  1. Fantastic girls, all the practicing and dedication you have shown has paid off.
    I am very proud of you all. And yes I did have a tear in my eye when you collected the trophy 🏆

  2. A great victory after a lot of hard work, focus on their coach’s directions. A ‘fabulous first’.
    We are all very proud.

  3. I am so unbelievably proud of all 5 of you young ladies. You have shown commitment and dedication to the competition and despite the (healthy) nerves, it all paid off. I’m so sad to have missed it but I know that Mrs O’Toole was giddy enough for the both of us.
    Many, many, many congratulations!

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