Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints’ Church

We went through the snow to decorate the tree at All Saint’s Church.” Callum.

“We put some lanterns on and also some popcorn on string and also lollipop sticks dressed as soldiers.” Thomas

“We got to look around the church to look at the other trees.”  April

The stars were nice and shiny and they had coloured cellophane in the middle.”  Freddie

“The star is very shiny too.” Alexander

Please visit the church over this weekend to vote for our tree!  Puffins and Penguins classes

Thank you to Mrs Vincent, Mrs Raymond and Mr Rowland for all their super ideas and hard work making sure our heritage Christmas tree was a tree of yesteryear.



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  1. The tree looks amazing Puffins and Penguins. What an honour to be part of such a community event. I can’t wait to go and see it this weekend.

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