Quadkids Year 5/6 Level 3 at York

Today our year 5/6 Quadkids Team travelled to York to represent the district at the Level 3 county Finals. On what was a miserable day weather wise the children were rewards for their efforts to gain someĀ personal achievements. Overall, as a team, the children excelled at running. There was some tough competition but the children remained calm and focused to do Hambleton Proud. Unfortunately we finished out of the medals but all 4 teams (Allenbrooke Small school’s winners, Brompton Year 1/2, Carlton Miniott Year 3/4 and Applegarth Year 5/6) did and amazing job and certainly have had the opportunity of a lifetime!


Thank you to parentsĀ for supporting the team and to Mrs Barugh for accompanying us.

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on “Quadkids Year 5/6 Level 3 at York
One Comment on “Quadkids Year 5/6 Level 3 at York

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