E-safety talk to Year 5 and 6

PCSO Kim Laws came in to talk to us about e- safety today. All the year5 and 6 children were involved. Kim talked about cyber bullying and what this meant. She talked to us about  what could happen when you send an inappropriate message/image.It could go all over the world to strangers and people you don’t know. You would feel guilty about it and you would feel a bit sad because everyone would laugh at you. Also she said about making sure social media accounts on private and to make it so only your friends can message you. She also said on mostsocial media apps you need to be 13 years or more.

 By Lily and Lottie

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on “E-safety talk to Year 5 and 6
One Comment on “E-safety talk to Year 5 and 6
  1. Some VERY important lessons to learn. I hope it has made all Y56 think about the decisions they make and that they keep themselves safe on line.

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